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I'm a natural healer growing up in a Shamanic family close to the jungle of South America early age, I was learning about energy and the elements of life.

Sacred fire, water, air and earth.

Energy medicine practitioner; I've been working in the field of energy healing and alternative (holistic) medicine, including Reiki, kundalini tantric healing, Bioenergy Yoga and Emotional Detox through bodywork for many years. 


I have dedicated the past 20 years to studying energy and emotions and how they interfere with our daily life.  I am a Master Reiki Karuna and Mikao Usui.  These healing techniques are particularly beneficial to my clients as it allows me to work directly in their energy field and remove emotional blocks.

I’ve always had a deep inner calling towards the field of healing and how to reconnect the energy inside the body. 

 This innate passion has led to my pursuit of greater knowledge, understanding and training in the fields of emotional detox, trauma release through bodywork and bioenergetic medicine.


I am certified in Bioenergy medicine healing.

Helping my clients to dissolve stagnate energy inside the body, teaching them to deal with negative emotions on daily basis.

My work can help women and men to overcome stress, anxiety, chronic pain, traumas and sexual problems, regain feminine and masculine empowerment and in all areas of their life.

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Hypersensitivity is a gift I have had since an early age, which helps me now understand and heal my client's emotions.

I feel everything, all the time, really deeply. This deep level of emotional intuition gave me the tools to advise friends, family, and people around me about future tasks and how to improve situations.  They come to me all the time for advice! 


As I grew up, I had to look for guidance to understand myself, my emotions and how people are able to feel and heal other people.


I've had the opportunity to study with some leading schools in London, India, Europe and South America.

I deeply understand and have the tools to work with chakras and kundalini energy medicine.


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Since then, I've been involved in healing and have never stopped....the field of holistic healing is my life vocation.

Blessings from Cosmic Energy

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