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This therapy is based on energy activation through touch, as well as relaxing the body. This meeting of relaxation and stimulation.  The session is totally healing using techniques of Tao, work centring on polarity, raising energy (kundalini) and also incorporating Qigong techniques.


The structure of sessions is bespoke for each client, but typically a session can include high-quality massage techniques, activation of 5 senses of energy, Connection and spirituality rising your Kundalini life Force.  The treatment plan will be agreed upon with you during the consultation and the structure will depend upon your needs and treatment expectations.


Through touch, I will facilitate your journey to eliminate stagnant emotions and traumas held within your body.  Through deep Tao bodywork and energy techniques, I will facilitate the release of emotional blockages that are stopping you from living life to its fullest potential. There will be a focus on the pelvic area as this is where we hold a lot of negative emotions and is a storage house of stagnant emotions for the body.


During the session, I will work on balancing your chakras and on opening the heart pathway which will expand your intimacy to feel more connected with your love energy and help to improve all of your relationships and general well-being.

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We will start with 20 min consultation to talk about your needs and treatment aims and expectations. After we will set an intention and ritual of connection which involves breath work and kundalini meditation. This element of the treatment session is to assist you to start feeling connected with your energy.

All treatments take place in a peaceful, sacred place that is safe, warm and nurturing. 

When you come to the centre after our initial consultation, I will ask you to take a shower and use a sarong, clients who do not feel comfortable only wearing a sarong can keep the underwear, our session is about trust.

In a treatment room, we will do a connection, eye gazing, breath work(pranayama) and safe touching to place an intention.

I will ask you to lie down and I will start the treatment: I will work on your full-body covering all the energy points, alternating with pressure and slow movements.

I will start to facilitate your energy helping you to connect in conscious and unconscious level feeling totally present in your body, enjoying also your energy with an orgasmic sensation alternating with the elimination of negative mental emotions kept inside your body.

Mind and body will be totally connected, through the session I will teach you some breath exercises (PRANA), self-massage to keep your sexual energy(kundalini) to a maximum benefit in all your body.


During the session, I will hold the space, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable we can talk, all my clients feel very peaceful and relaxed.

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  • Experience a richer more fulfilling energy

  • feel more positive in your life

  • to connect with your truly love energy 

  • heal your heart from negative relationships and toxic people

  • Heal past traumas

  • To overcome a fear of intimacy.

  • To become more alive, radiant and free

  • Open the heart and experience more love

  • To reboot a relationship and overcome problems 

  • To discover and develop their own sexuality and sexual polarity

  • To understand the opposite sex and develop better skills in relating/communication

  • Bring spiritual experiences into the physical body

  • Develop a spiritual relationship with a partner

  • Work with energy

  • To make life sacred and purposeful

  • To access spiritual experiences and elevate the state of consciousness 

  • To heal inner splits and inner conflicts and feel whole and complete

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