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Due to the high frequency of the energies, in order to take this Karuna Reiki® Course / Training Workshop.

Who is qualified?
Anyone with Reiki II or higher from any lineage.

It is through the use of the Usui master symbol for a period that you become more ready to receive the Karuna Reiki energy.

Karuna Reiki® is taught only by Registered Karuna Reiki® Masters.

The teachers have agreed to abide by a code of ethics, minimum teaching standards, a standard curriculum and to do the attunements as they were developed by the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

QUALIFICATION & CERTIFICATE: After completing your Reiki training with me you will receive an international recognise Reiki Certificate and you will be eligible for membership with the UK Reiki Federation, CNHC, The Reiki Association, The Reiki Guild and others UK and International Reiki and Complementary Therapies associations.

What is Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki® is energy of a very high frequency and will cause many shifts & changes for those who are attuned to its vibration. It is intended for those of you who are looking and wanting to take your own personal healing, energy training and spiritual development to the next level. The Karuna Reiki training gives you 8 more symbols to work with in your healing treatments.

The initiations work at a very deep level enabling you to work towards deeper and personal planetary healing and enlightenment. Karuna Reiki® opens you, so that you are able to work more closely with enlightened beings. This includes enlightened ones who are physically present as well as those in spirit.

Course Objectives

During this two day Karuna Reiki practitioner training course you will learn about:
- Karuna Reiki and it`s origin & connection with spiritual beings
- Eight Karuna Reiki symbols and their uses
- How to give a Karuna Reiki treatment
- Practice using the Karuna Reiki symbols
- Meditation & Healing practice
- Understand your shadow self
- Shadow meditation that has been written by William Lee Rand
- Learn about sound, vibration and how to chant and tone with Karuna Reiki symbols.


Practioner Level 1
Symbol (1)
Heals on a cellular level. Releases cellular memory. It acts as a spiritual anaesthetic, healing past trauma / abuse. Heals past life issues. Links to Archangel Gabriel for Karmic Healing.

Symbol (2)
Very deep healing. Heals the shadow self. Works on unconscious negative patterns. Heals past trauma and abuse – deep healing. Powerful physical healing tool, especially when used with psychic surgery. Dispels psychic / psychological attack. Leads to self-acceptance.

Symbol (3)
The symbol of compassion and love. Like a higher vibration mental/emotional symbol. Heals relationships. Heals addictions and increases motivation for self-improvement and growth. Heals the heart – develops unconditional love and compassion. Increases contact with spiritual beings in particular those focused on alleviating the suffering of humanity; i.e. Kwan Yin, Avalokiteshvara, Mother Mary, Jesus, Tara.

Symbol (4)
Opens and heals the lower charkas, clears the mind, aids clarity and focus. Manifests goals. Clears negative energy.

Practitioner Level 2

Symbol (1)
Connects to higher self. Helps study and communication skills. Increases creativity. Brings higher self into physical body therefore activates very deep healing and release of emotional pain.

Symbol (2)

Aids connection to earth, grounding and energy flow from hips to feet. Manifests goals. Aids focus and ability to prioritise. Use for world peace.

Symbol (3)

Assists ability to stay in own power and not be influenced or controlled by others. Helps us claim our full power. Aids release of negative co-dependencies. Builds & strengthens appropriate boundaries. Earth Healing and connection to other consciousness (trees, flowers and animals)

Symbol (4)

Means and brings peace. Clears 3rd eye, increasing clairvoyance. Creates trust in the flow of life. Decreases pain, tension, fears, panic and worry. Good for insomnia.

Requirements: (Free attunement to Reiki Level 3a from Reiki Level 2)

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