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The Energy of Thoughts and Emotions

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The energy of thoughts and emotions is an essential factor in having a healthy and happy routine.

We are energy, and everything you see is energy. We are all connected somehow into the Planet biofield together, separating into vibration groups. Thoughts and feelings have a tremendous influence on your energy level; all we think and the emotions we hold are determining our present and future life. It all registered in our emotional body as a vibration.

When you cultivate positive thoughts, your biofield will be protected with universal love.

But in other cases, negative thoughts and emotions can destroy your health, relationship, friends, business and work. The energy can travel both ways, positive or destructive. You decide which way to pay more attention. Thoughts and emotions are activated through five senses smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch.

In my work with Energy Medicine, I could experiment with some exercises that made a huge difference in my daily life. Easy to stop and set the mind to be on your side.

First of all, you have to understand you are in control of your life emotionally, mentally and physically.

Thoughts and emotions will come into your mental body. But you can send them away, and they don’t need to stay and live forever with you.

Small changes make a massive difference in your vibration. It only takes a few min to transform a negative into a positive vibe.

How to change Thoughts an Emotions

Every time I feel negative emotions, I deny them, saying I reject this ……..(feeling). Them I focus on my breathing connecting with myself, giving permission to feel the air in my body, the prana energy.

Everybody has something to be grateful for, and if you can’t think about anything, be thankful for the air. The prana is available to maintain you alive.

Emotions are energy in action every time you feel negative emotion replace by a positive one. Simple actions go fo a walk, watch anything that makes you laugh, talk with the love ones, meditate.

I practice this exercise a few times during the day is very powerful to reconnect myself to my positive vibration.

Whenever you are in despair, feeling alone, suffering from physical pain, feeling negative about something, the following can be an uplifting practise.

Heaven Rushing

1.Stand tall. Take a moment to ground yourself by spreading your fingers on your thighs and breathing deeply, feeling your feet on the ground, being conscious of your connection on the Earth as the energy pours out of your fingers, down your thighs and into the ground.

You are preparing yourself to make a sacred connection.

2.Take a deep breath in, open your arms wide, and bring them into a prayer position in front of your chest. Exhale

3.With another deep breath, open your arms wide and lift them. Look up to the sky direction, release your breath. Bask in the knowledge that you are not alone in the universe, that you are worthy of this blessing from the heavens. You may feel a tingle, a buzz or heat in your hands, inviting healing cosmos.

4.Scoop this energy into your arms and bring your hands to the middle of your chest.

Let the energy heal your thoughts, mind and body.


Patricia Shiva xxx


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