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Reiki is accessible to everyone and is easy to learn. Practitioners use specific hand positions, held for a few minutes on or near the client's clothed body. After receiving the Reiki 1 certificate, participants will be able to perform self-treatments and provide treatments for others.

The praticioners who have the certificate of Reiki Usui level1 or level2 please contact me for further information about the courses.


    This Reiki course includes a practical introduction to the human energy field and the chakras, which will give you first-hand understanding of the subtle bodies.

You will receive an authentic, individual Reiki Level 1 attunement. This is an energy transmission that enables you to “channel” the Reiki healing energy. It will be given to you by Michael in person.

You will hear the story of Mikao Usui’s quest for this powerful healing energy, which you will begin to use during the hands-on practice session.

In the first day, you will learn;

  • what Reiki is, its history, how it was discovered and how it came to the West

  • what and where the chakras are and how to work with them

  • the foundations and guidelines for Energy Healing

  • insights into the nature of disease, why people get ill and how they can heal

  • techniques for aura cleansing (“Kenyoku Ho” in Japanese), grounding and connecting

  • Reiki breathing and visualisation, feeling the Reiki energy

  • what a Reiki attunement (“Reiju” in Japanese) is and what it does

  • Meditation practice and tools to learn how to clean your energy

  • Mindfulness practices 

In the second day, there will be lots of practising and you will learn;

  • the hand positions for giving others a Reiki treatment and for self-healing

  • the structure of a healing session, how to prepare the space, yourself (“Hatsurei Ho” in Japanese) and the receiver

  • sensing the different chakras and using the Reiki Chakra Balancing Technique

  • how to use Reiki for healing pets, growing plants and energising your food

  • an introduction to “Byosen” and “Byosen Reikan Ho” (energy scanning technique)

  • the Five Reiki Principles (“Gokai” in Japanese)

  • the benefits of Reiki and how it complements other therapies.

  • learning how to cultivate positive energy 

  • How to preserve your positive energy around others

  • Prana life force how to activate 

  • How to clean the space and your energy after a session

  • How to start work guide

The fee of Reiki level 1     groups 250£ each (2 days course or a full day)
One-to-One courses 1050£

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