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Complimentary therapies to help you improve your quality of life!

I have 15+ years of working with Reiki and Emotional Detox Massage Bodywork. I am a natural healer, and growing up in a shamanic family gave me a vast understanding of energy, emotions, and the mind-body connection.

I am grateful to have got my knowledge, graduation, and master’s from great teachers all over the world from India, Europe, and South America.  

My passion never stops, and I constantly search for new ways to help people to cope with their emotions and have a healthier life mentally and physically.

Many clients come to work with me because of my experience. I can help them to have a better quality of life.

I help my clients detox the body through massage, with powerful techniques that release toxic emotions and traumas.

Healing toxic emotions is a gate to freedom and quality of life.



Training, some qualifications & experience

  • Master Karuna Reiki Register number PTP-18-011, William Lee Rand, The International Centre Reiki training.

  • Master Usui Reiki Spanish Federation of Reiki, register number D27493, Reiki Usui I,II,II Spanish Federation of Reiki, register numbers, D24525, D25777, D26646.

  • Espaco Humano Therapia Psicanálise e Espiritualidade

  • Theta Healing Course, Theta healing Institute of Knowledge, United Kingdon, certificate number 11-11-T-3117-2019-P-275.

  • EFT Training

  • Emotional Release through Bodywork level 2,CPD certified, number 011119.

  • Clothes on Bodywork Training level 1,2, 3, CPD certified, number 011119.

  • Practical Emotional Detox Level 1,2,3 CPD, 011119.   

  • Understanding Emotional Detox level 1,2,3 CPD. 

  •  Release through Bodywork level 1,2,3      

  • Recognising &Understanding Healing Crisis for Holistic Therapies

  • Tao Tantric Educator, School of Healing and Awakening, London Tantric Journey, Teacher Training CTJE.

  • Professional Tantric Massage in the school of Tantric Therapy by Alex Kuzmin

  • Emotional Detox Recognising &Understanding Healing Crisis for Holistic therapies.CPD

  • International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Energy Massage qualification

  • Holococriador training to help people mentally change vibration by Elainne Ourives

  • Institruto Humano Terapia de Sao Paulo online, Psicanalise e Espiritualidade

  • Current studying frequence vibrational therapy and student of Helio Couto , Joe Dispensa

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