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What is Bioenergy Medicine?

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What is bioenergy treatment?

Bio-energy healing is based on the premise that each individual is surrounded by an electromagnetic field of energy known as an `aura'. Bio-energy therapists work to clear any blockages in this energy as it flows through seven energy centres, known as chakras.

What are the energy fields in your body?

The human energy field is the manifestation of this universal energy in and around the human body. Its outer boundary can be described as a luminous egg-shaped cocoon surrounding the physical body. This energy field is constantly moving, ebbing and flowing, expanding and contracting and changing in intensity.

What is a bioenergetics practitioner?

Practitioners of bioenergetic therapy aim to heal the stress that builds up in the body—muscle tension, postural problems, and breathing inhibitions—due to mental and emotional traumas and other past experiences.


From childhood from age 0 to 7, we are essentially an open sponge to the world, absorbing the patterns with all the people around us, without knowing they are wrong or right.


The programs in the subconscious come from downloading other people’s behaviours, your mother, father, people around us in the first seven years of your life.


If you have a supportive and nurturing home life, then you may be able to manage your emotions and heal your hurt and negative emotions healthily.

Suppose you are growing up in an environment, where there is trauma in a household, whether it be alcoholism, family conflict or relationship problems. In that case, you don’t have the tools to process your emotions.

In a given moment, thereby compounding a  memory that’s not fully formed. We end up seeing ourselves in the world around us as if we are still 4 years of age in an environment of conflict, trauma and drama.


Every time certain familiar sounds, smells, tastes, vision and touch get triggered we re-play the same toxic emotions we hold in our unconscious mind age of 0 to 7, and we react as if is that memory we’re going on for the first time.

Emotional Detox Therapies involve techniques of Energy Medicine, breath work and body movements through Reiki Kundalini yoga and healing tantric practises. In the session, the energy allows stagnated emotions that you hold in your body to be dissolved into your bloodstream. Your mind-body is connected.   

Through movements, sounds and breath the emotions start to respond and are released.

I will facilitate the process. It’s a beautiful journey of awakening your own energy.

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