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Psychic Counselling, Tarot cards
Spiritual Healing

I grew up in a shaman family and my grandmother was a very powerful shaman.  She was able to read the four elements of life, which are fire, air, water and earth in each individual, always looking for a positive way to help them.

My psychic abilities started when I was six years old and my grandmother helped me to gain confidence to use my gift.  Since then I didn't stop helping people such as my family and friends.  Even though I graduated in Bio-Energy medicine, one of my passions is reading the torat (means tarot the book of discovering your unconscious energy and what you hide from yourself but exists). 

My approach is advising my clients in a easy and best way to allow them to live their lives in a happy, peaceful and prosperous way, showing them the best direction.  I always respect my clients free will, but the gods of nature and energy always give me the light to direct them to their own best way.



If you would like to have a session ( it can be one-to-one) at my healing studio in central London or online please contact me.  The session last 90 minutes (including 20 minutes of aura healing)

Blessings from my father Universe!

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