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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

How to maintain your relationship in quarantine start when you look at the present moment in another direction, with eyes of compassion and love. Compassionate love and willingness help to build a caring relationship beyond the superficial passions bring people together. At the moment we spend most of the time together, quarantine is a challenging way to live our lives. If you see yourself wondering why your partner is not so passionate about you, and you feel so tired to please his/her wishes,its time to step back and think.

A real relationship starts when you are honest with yourself, what are your likes and dislikes.

Recognising your needs and making a room to understand your partner necessities as well make couples closer to each other. During the day, try to focus on your feelings and thoughts be kind to yourself. First-person here is you, and self-love is essential to make a happy relationship. I was working long hours before quarantine my partner and I had busy agenda, we texted only once a day quite polite not complaining about anything and seeing each other for dinner and weekends.

I felt sometimes we did not have much opportunity to share our lives because of our busy schedule. When the quarantine came, I had time to look at my relationship and realised how apart we were before the lock out living in different realities together. I believe in every situation it is an opportunity to feel myself, in this case, understanding how to maintain my relationship in quarantine. The steps I learnt from the moment we lock in until now I would like to share with you.

Step 1    

Find the love in yourself, what motivates you to do, to learn something interesting, music that make you happy, change your vibration to happiness, small changes make a big picture in a relationship. Be honest with your partner don’t be afraid to say that you like to have a few hours by yourself and make this moment your time.

It is important to remember you are a unique human being with taste and desires different from your companion. I always say to my partner in a politely way to give me space.

Sometimes I close the door in my room and watch a comedy by myself or read magazines, is my time!

Step 2  

Hugging is an amazing way to exchange a positive healing energy hug at least for fifteen  seconds your partner and share the love.

Step 3    

Is an excellent idea when you make plans for the weekend like a special meal you can cook or your partner make a new dish. We always make Thursdays and Saturdays special at home use your imagination, plenty of ways to kiss and cuddling your partner.

Step 4   

Don’t blame yourself if you are bored, is better to be real than fake a situation, be your best friend, go for a walk alone sometimes, contemplate the nature around,summer time is green everywhere, I noticed after a walk, my energy is up again easy to be inside the house.

Step 5   

Take this opportunity to know better your partner, avoid talking about the situation covid-19. Both of you know enough stop watching news all the time. Sometimes it is nice to be like a kid inventing a beautiful world in our head lifting your vibration.

Step 6    

Smile as much you can, look at your partner with compassion,same as you are looking at you; they are doing the best they can. Its new situation for everyone.

Step 7

Meditate find a place in your house you can go alone and close your eyes, be present with yourself. I found this step helps to deal with anxiety and keep you calm.

Remember everything is a transition, and we can be in charge of our feelings.

You have a choice to be happy or miserable.

Do not be afraid to communicate in a gentle way with your partner.

First relationship is with you when you accept yourself; you live in love with others.



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